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Founded in 2010, Weddings & More TX firmly believes that those who want to get married should be able to get married.  Therefore, regardless of your personal situation, personal beliefs, religion, sexual orientation or any other factor, we can and will officiate at your ceremony.  We have officiated at hundreds of ceremonies around the state of Texas.  Whether it’s near or far, big or small, contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Couples get so caught up in the planning of their wedding with the flowers, music, decorations, guests, and more. Many times the officiant gets passed up until the last minute, even though he/she is the one person who can make their marriage legal, and therefore is a very important part of their ceremony.

The person you choose to officiate at your ceremony should be someone who shares your vision, can help you to personalize your vows, and overall…make it a memorable experience.  Many people assume that only ministers and JP’s are professionals, but that is not the case.  I have heard many stories of ministers not showing up, not willing to customize a ceremony, and other mistakes that can be a disaster for the couple.

Depending on where you live, minister/officiant fees can vary from $100 to $600, so be sure to ask questions and make sure you know what you are getting before you book your minister.  A higher price doesn’t always mean a better officiant for the ceremony or for the couple.

Once you have set the date and time, you should start looking for your officiant.  As with any other vendor, the best officiants get booked up pretty quickly.  An officiant should always return your calls, answer your emails, and be available to you for all your needs.  They should also be at your ceremony early to go over things and make sure there are no issues.

Finally, did you know you can get married at the airport, in a park, your favorite restaurant, in a skating rink, the top floor of a building that overlooks the city, or anywhere else you desire?  I have officiated ceremonies in people’s homes and backyards, on the beach, in bars and game rooms, on golf courses, in restaurants and gardens, and many other locations.  I even officiate at ceremonies within the TDCJ / Prison system.  No venue or location is out of the question!  And I travel all over the state of Texas.

We encourage all couples to meet with us in person for all ceremonies except elopements.  There is no cost for in-person meetings, and we can meet most days/nights including weekends up till around 6pm.  Meetings can take place at a local Starbucks or in my home office.  If you are unable to meet, everything can still be taken care of online or over the phone.  For more information, give us a call today at 832-707-7279 or email us at